Ancient script jewelry

designed by Michal Shvut


Michal Shvut designs jewelry in silver and gold incorporating authentic Israeli and Jewish symbols and motifs.  She integrates biblical quotations into the designs such as the Priestly Blessing and Song of Songs.  She has chosen to use the ancient Hebrew script from the time of the bible.  This is the form of Hebrew used since the time of Moses.  The ancient Hebrews developed these letters over 3000 years ago and their use was one of the greatest human cultural-historical inventions.  These letters were the precursors of the letters used in modern Greek, Latin, and Arabic languages.  This script was used for over 700 years by the people of Israel and their neighbors during the biblical period and up until the second temple period.  Thousands of ancient inscriptions written in this ancient Hebrew script have been found by archeologists.

Michal is no stranger to archeology being married to veteran archaeologist Abraham Shvut.  A casual conversation at the dinner table with their four sons led Michal on a creative journey which resulted in a truly unique line of jewelry.   She felt an immediate and powerful connection to the ancient script which reflects her deep attachment to her people and her land.  Each piece of jewelry reconnects its owner to the source of the Hebrew script.  Michal’s technical skills allowed her to translate these ancient letters into a powerful message for today.  These meaningful texts are skillfully applied to the metal surface through a process rarely used by jewelers and translated into modern script on the

obverse of each piece.

These  pieces of jewelry are also pieces of history.  They are handcrafted and beautiful to look at and hold within them the heritage of thousands of years of universal faith. 

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