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Shalom blessing lace necklace

Shalom blessing lace necklace
Shalom blessing lace necklaceAT01 (1)


From the prayers: "Sim Shalom tovah u'bracha, chaim chen va'chesed ve'rachamim…" -  Grant peace everywhere goodness and blessing, Grace, lovingkindness and mercy.


925 Silver, diameter: 5.8 cm.

Black leather necklace for self-fitting length.

Ornaments: 9K gold Star-of-David, turquoise gemstone.


The blessing of Peace: According to Rabbi Elimelech of Ligensk: "These seven midot (in parallel to the seven branches of the menorah) are the basis to Shlom bait – peace in the household:


Peace (shalom) - unity

Good (tova) – love of other beings

Blessing (bracha) - happiness

Life (chaim) - joy

Grace (chen) - achievement

Benevolence (chesed) – to see only the virtues of friends, and not their shortcomings

Mercy (rachamim) – siata dewshma'ya – assistance from above.

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