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Ana bkoach necklace

Ana bkoach necklace
Ana bkoach necklaceA042 (2)


From the prayers: "Ana b'choach gedulat yemincha tatir ts’rurah…"  -  O Lord, with the greatness​ of thy powerful right hand, we pray to thee to loosen those that are bound in captivity​.


925 Silver, diameter: 6 cm.

Silicone chain, length: 41 cm.

Ornaments: in the center, the horn of cornucopia, 9K gold Star-of-David, garnet gemstone.


According to Kabbalah, the words of the liturgical poem "Ana b'choach" represent the seven sefirot (emanations) upon which the creation of the world is based. The letters of "Ana b'choach" are a sort of code that is capable of opening the source of the divine strength that sustains Israel and the entire world.

מק"ט: A042
מחיר: 770
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