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Trio pomegranate necklace

Trio pomegranate necklace
Trio pomegranate necklaceIMG_6544

925 silver, dimensions: 3.6 cm X 2.8 cm.

Silicone necklace, length: 41 cm.


The pomegranate is of the Seven Species, which are mentioned as unique species with which the Land of Israel has been blessed. The seeds of the fruit provide all of the good, beneficial and beauty that nature has to offer. As of ancient times, the pomegranate represents abundance, blessing, fertility, beauty, strength, vitality, creativity and kingship.


Pomegranates were used in ancient times to decorate coins.


The pomegranate is considered a fruit with health benefits, and its oil is used in cosmetic products.     

מק"ט: AR022
מחיר: 410
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